Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Beelzebubs came to town!

OK. Not literally they came. But i ordered 2 CDs and also a shirt from them. I asked my candidate/friend to buy it for me since she's in the US. So am so happy that I got those stuff today!!
Alex signed here

Tim here...
Eric and Kent
Matt and Penn...
Evan and Nick..isn't Nick the most adorable you've ever seen?
Pandaemonium...With everyone's signature on it...
Both the CDs. Eli signed on Play the Game..President's special treatment..hehe
And the Beelzebubs shirt!!!

And lastly, I know I'm lazy to update my blog lately..will try to do it as often as I can...sorry...

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Well, today am sick. Down with fever, cough and sore throat. And I'm heading to Langkawi on Friday with my friends...Kinda feeling excited bout it...So last night i slept with jackets, comforters and low fan..still am shivering...this morning went to work, til about 11 plus, i left the office. Coz I couldn't take it, i had to come back and rest. AND thinking I could rest, with nieces running around the much for resting la... =.="
But managed to sleep a bit. Anyway, night falls, was watching American Idol. Then saw on Twitter, it's the cash call hour from FlyFm. So i just text in...btw, text in cash to 33399 when you hear it's the cash call hour. But you have to register with them 1st yea...Anyway, I was texting in like every 5 minutes. Then suddenly my phone rang, it was a weird number. Picked it up, silent for a monent, and then I jus did a very sarcastic fake laugh..something like har har har. Then I hear a 'TING!' meaning you've jus won.. so that's when i started to laugh like hell..hahaha...and immediately, my fever is gone...laughter seems to be the best medicine....
so I jus won some cash on Flyfm...Not only that. I received my long awaited Kesha's cd..ALSO from Flyfm...hehe...
So thank u so much to Flyfm for making my day. Let's just hope that I'll be fine tomorrow...heheh...

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


It's 5.20am and this would be my first time blogging using my new laptop. And I wonder why am I awake at this hour?
Well, something happened last night. I think i over reacted and I might ruin a friendship. This is what happened.
There's a person by the name of A(not real initials). So recently, A and I spoke on the phone for quite a while, ok. I remember speaking to A TWICE on the phone. ONLY. While SMSes...only 5 times, for the pass 1 month. Reason being this little, according to A, there is something wrong with A's phone. According to A, these are the reasons..
1. Can't see any incoming calls on the phone
2. Cant see any miss calls
3. Cant see text
4. Cant hear a thing
5. Cant receive calls and cant accept it
6. Can't make calls back coz dunno who called

Yeah... I know right. So many reasons. I wonder whether is A lying bout it or not. My question is, why wait till 1 month only say all this? You can text me perfectly on Saturday, you can call me on Saturday, but on Monday, your phone decided to jus go haywire. But the fact is that every afternoon since the day we started chatting,I notice your phone has been giving you problems and not only recently you're not picking up my calls, you don't reply smses, even till the night you don't do anything bout it. AND for the fact that you lied to me saying you are working for this particular company and when I called up, they said you've resigned from them end of Jan.
I dunno what should I believe now. Why do you even lie to me? I'm always awaiting for explanation, but that didn't happened. So yesterday itself I let loose. I told you that I'm letting go of this friendship coz I dont see it going anywhere...

But actually, deep down inside, I was hoping that we could happen..You and I both...

Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Bubs interview

I found this link through John Foxxe...He's a new bubs...I hv to say a few things before viewing this clips...
2. Conor's voice is so dreamingly hot...
3. NICK LAMM'S VOICE IS GOOD!!(at the end of the 1st clip u get to hear him sing)
4. Why is right round so fast?

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I say a little prayer for you

Ok. I know I've not been updating my blog for a while...Don have the mood to do it. So, what's up with my life right now? Well, let's see
1. Work is as busy as usual...which is good...Entitled for company's trip already. Venue is either Jiu Chai Gou/Chendu Island or Macau(and detour to HK*Shopping*).
2. Just bought myself a laptop...which til now hasn't arrived yet..I think I'll call Dell tomorrow.
3. Signed up with a gym near my house...Joyfit...midst of losing weight..hopefully.
4. Watching the 're-run' of Glee and The Sing Off (Who can get enough of it? I don't...hehe)
5. Am planning trips all year round...Langkawi end of March, Singapore most prob May and June, Penang July, and company's trip in November...and next year..MADRID!!! WYD2011.

So, many things, events to look forward to..of coz the occasional hanging out with friends like Ash, Jason,, Flora, Sher, Mark etc etc), real family, Colleagues (sarah, gums etc etc...). Anyway, the title...I say a little prayer for you...Well, GLEE is now famous and everyone is anticipating their new season. In one of the episodes, the 3 cheerleaders, Brittany, Santana and Quinn audition for a spot in Glee club, and they sang that's the clip...

Anyway, as you know, people feel inspired by Glee. I feel inspired by Glee.. I feel like i want to sing, i want to join a choir, i want to perform, etc etc...but well, these people were inspired as well...apparently...

And you wouldn't have thought how far the inspiration came to Asia...JAPAN

ok..maybe they should be more softer shall I put it...Glee-er?haha...and also...

And guess what, we have mix race too!!

And MEN!! WHo say men can't dance!!

I think I should record it too..anyone care to join?hahaha...

Thursday, March 4, 2010


I bought a Giordano shirt that has the word 'TRUTH' all over it. Bout a pair coz I gave another to my ex. coz it was like so called 'couple shirt' la.. *young minds* Anyway, just wanted to say that to build a relationship, both parties must be truthful to each other...If not how will the relationship starts, be it last or wat right?

Met someone lately...yes..not denying...seems like a nice person..But i recently found out something that the person still doesn't want to admit. This person told me 1 story, but I managed to found out the truth...and this person can still talks to me as though nothing happened...

Where is TRUTH?
Where is HONESTY?
What does relationship stands on now?

Or am I jus being paranoid?

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Bubs can be naughty...cheeky...

This is quite amusing...see matt later he'll faint...hahaha..

OK...thi sis totally playing a prank on ppl..maybe i should play this game with ppl someday...haha